Improve energy efficiency in Ontario's health care facilities with HELO’s Energy Managers.

For years, facility managers have been dealing with time constraints and a shortage of funding opportunities that have negatively impacted their ability to move forward with energy conservation and demand management projects.

HealthCare Energy Leaders Ontario (HELO) is an innovative resource designed to improve energy efficiency in Ontario’s health care facilities. With a team of seasoned energy and facility managers, HELO has been helping reduce energy consumption and demand at sites across the province since January 2014.


Developed by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, together with the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society, HELO was designed from the inside out by a team intimate with the daily challenges and opportunities faced each day within a health care setting.

What does all this mean for Ontario health care organisations and those involved in energy and facility management? An initiative developed from the inside out by a team intimate with the challenges and opportunities faced each day in a health care setting.

Our HELO Team can provide assistance with consumption audits, identification of energy efficiency opportunities, preparation of business case content to help get senior management's buy in for project formulation and execution, and guidance in completing saveONenergy program documents for potential funding assistance.

Building Upon Successes

In our first 12 months, HELO not only met, but exceeded, the demand and energy savings targets it set out to achieve.

Completed projects have already saved 1.1 MW of electricity demand and 4.6 GWh of energy, while projects in the design and construction stages will save an additional 4.9 MW and 41.7 GWh of energy.

If fully implemented, projects would save the Ontario health care sector $15 M annually in utility costs, and gain an additional $22 M in incentives. GHG would be reduced by 8,567 tons C02e.

Successes to date:

  • Submission of 45 saveONenergy applications with demand savings of 3.5 MW and 21.4 GWH energy savings
  • Application types go beyond ERII and included many custom, DES, PSUI, and high performance new construction
  • Engagement of the health care sector through workshops, webinars, newsletters and conferences and media promotional materials
  • Development of CDM plan template to help hospitals comply with Ontario’s Green Energy Act
  • The growth in senior leader recognition of the potential of this program
  • Identified an internal source of funding - the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - which can be used to leverage the purchase of energy-saving equipment
  • Identified significant interest in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to help facilities become more resilient and stay open during weather-related disasters
  • Engaged with 29 LDCs and over 50 hospitals in the identification of energy-saving projects
  • Engaged with LTC sector
  • HELO team developed template RFPs for lighting, CHP and ESCO projects. It was the first time we had ESCO agreement on an RFP template, and the first time ESCOs responded to an RFP to service a group of smaller hospitals
  • Successfully engaged smaller and medium-sized facilities in the north through a regular conference call networking initiative known as HELO North
  • Included gas utility and water incentives to leverage energy savings for electricity using equipment when appropriate


Originally funded under the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) Energy Efficiency Service Providers (EESPs) initiative, HELO became part of a province-wide capability-building initiative to provide resources directly to customers through sector-based organisations.

HELO helps facility managers with project development and help to access incentive programs and funding sources such as the Ontario Power Authority's saveONenergy initiative.

Find out how you can engage our affordable team of Energy Managers at HealthCare Energy Leaders Ontario to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Assistance in applying to your local electric utility for incentives
  • Realize opportunities for capital renewal
  • Enhance overall environment of care


We see this as an exciting opportunity for hospitals in Ontario to benefit from the expertise of the EESP team and to have opportunities to leverage available funding.
Kelly Isfan, President & CEO, Norfolk General Hospital

Financial challenges are the most pressing issues facing Canada’s health system and hospital CEOs. With limited new money coming to health care, it makes sense that we strive to find savings wherever we can. The HELO program can help our health care organisations realize savings in facility operating costs, thereby freeing up valuable funds for the delivery of patient care.
Ray Racette, CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders

Every dollar and every kilowatt counts for Ontario’s hospitals who are always seeking new and innovative opportunities to become more efficient, improve their operations, and reduce operating costs. This approach extends to minimizing their environmental footprint. I would like to congratulate the Coalition, CHES, and Norfolk General Hospital for their success in launching this program which will expand the benefits of such environmental initiatives to hospitals across the province and serve them well.
Anthony Dale, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association

We appreciate the team’s health care specific expertise and insight. We are also pleased to see that the HELO team has developed RFP templates for ESCO contracts, CHPs and lighting. These will be very useful for us in undertaking and implementing our energy efficiency and conservation initiatives in support of O.Reg. 397/11.
Richard White, Director Facility Support

The HELO staff provide a useful resource for us to network and draw upon the ideas and plans other sister institutions have implemented in our common goals of a lower energy footprint for the hospital sector. It is good to see firsthand the practical details of what others have tried and the application of those ideas in our own hospitals.
John Wordley M.Sc., P.Eng.
Director, Facilities Management & Planning

The HELO team conducted an audit of our facilities which we are presently reviewing. We appreciate the health care technical expertise the HELO team brings. The results of this audit will be incorporating into our capital planning and we look forward to utilizing the HELO team services including guidance on the capital purchases and submitting the incentive applications as we proceed with our implementation phase.
Tim Mitchell, Director of Support Services for MICS group